Our Mission

Mission Statement: To bring to you the problems and challenges that face our great nation in the simplest and clearest way possible. We at Budget Control work diligently to give the American people the tools they need to make sound and informed decisions on how they want our government to be run.

We at Budget Control take pride in providing you the most accurate and factual data when it comes to the U.S. budget and deficit. Whenever it is possible, we provide you the name and link to where the data and statistics were sourced from. At times though, it is necessary for us to utilize our in house economic team to project certain items over the ten year scenario. When this is the case you will see no link (pic) to the corresponding budget item.

Our commitment is steadfast in finding the most accurate numbers and serving them to you in an easy and understandable fashion. At any time if you find a discrepancy in our methodology please contact us at info@budgetcontrol.com with your constructive feedback and we will do our best to rectify the issue. Your participation is key to making our U.S. democracy work.

Founded: March 16, 2011
Questions & Contact: info@budgetcontrol.com

About Us:
Our mission with the Budget Control application is actually two fold. First, we want to help people understand the US budget, and how politicians spend our federal tax dollars. Second, we want to give people a voice with their political leaders, allowing them to easily and efficiently tell those politicians how they would like their tax dollars to be spent. When our political leaders hear more of your opinion and voice, they are more accountable for their spending choices.

By simply viewing our application, one can easily discern how the US budget is already being spent. By making adjustments to the various charts and graphs, the user is immediately shown how his/her choices will affect the US budget deficit and how much money will be spent.

Through simple charts and graphs, we can help people grasp the complicated US budget in simple terms, and empower them by facilitating communication between constituents and their elected leaders.

We are committed to the education and engagement of the American people in regards to their government, as such we adhere to a non-partisan philosophy at our core. Our country is more important than political posturing and rhetoric. We live this philosophy by truly being independent and not being affiliated with any one political party.

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